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For the past year now, healthcare has been on everybody's mind, and has certainly made a lion's share of the newscasts. No matter how you feel about the discussions in Washington, it's clear that it's an important topic. And what about your own personal healthcare? There's a lot to keep track of, with immunizations, allergies, medications, and various routine procedures like annual checkups, colonoscopies, and more. It's tough to stay on top of it all, and easy for things to fall through the cracks.

HeyDoc! is a tool that can help you stay in charge of your own healthcare, and that of your family as well. It's a personal database of all things medical for you. Need to know when the last time was you had a particular procedure? Don't dig through old receipts—just look it up. Kids heading off to camp? Print out their medical info so the staff will know of any special concerns. And it's got the ability to scan documents, so you can keep track of treatment plans and prescriptions from your doctor.

Privacy is a big concern. With HeyDoc! it's not an issue: everything is stored on your local machine rather than on a network somewhere, so you have absolute control over what happens to your data.

HeyDoc! is a free Windows application.

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