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There's a whole school of programming—a pretty smart one it seems—that suggests that you should never write the same code twice. There's no point in re-inventing the wheel, and there's certainly no point in solving the same programming problem twice. Reusing code is a great time saver.

The problem here, of course, is going back and finding that clever code you wrote so that you can re-use it. After all, it doesn't matter how smart you were in solving that problem or coding that algorithm if you can't find it to use it again. This may be a job for Snippely.

More than just a snippet container, Snippely adds syntax highlighting to your code. That means that even if you didn't bother to comment your code thoroughly, you'll still be able to figure out what it's supposed to do. Sort your code so you can find things, and don't worry about saving stuff—it's all updated to a local database in real time.

Snippely runs on the Adobe AIR platform. That means it should be at home on any OS that supports AIR, including Linux, Macintosh, and Windows.

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