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Who are you? That may seem to be an overly broad question, but it can serve as a jumping off point for a much bigger discussion. You do this job, and live in that town. You drive such-and-such a car, and prefer to eat this-or-that for dinner. Another part of the "who are you" question is that of where you come from. Who are your parents? And theirs? How long have you and your folks been here—maybe recent immigrants, maybe you can trace your line back to the Mayflower. No matter what your situation, you can learn a lot about yourself if you can learn about those who came before you.

With popular TV shows like PBS's "Faces of America" and NBC's "Who Do You Think You Are", more and more people are going to start looking into their own backgrounds. Collecting information and stories is interesting, but keeping track of it all can be a challenge. To help with that, there's Gramps, a piece of genealogical research software. You've got to do the research, but this tool will help you to keep track of and systematize what you find. You can slice and dice your data so that you can better understand who all these people are and make more sense of the times and places where your ancestors lived. And of course the ability to look at graphical family trees can help make the information contained in them more meaningful, since you can now begin to see relationships there and get a better sense of who these people were.

Gramps is a free download. While it's really geared toward Linux systems, there are ports available for Windows and Mac users as well.

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3 Responses to “Create family trees and more with Gramps”

  1. Alice says:

    This is great…thnaks

  2. patrick says:

    when installing it asks for python to be installed first! what is python? and what version do I download for xp/home system?

  3. patrick says:

    after downloading and installing python, nothing happened when I clicked on the executable (just a dos window that rapidly disappeared and then nothing), just a waste of time!!!

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