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It's nice to have an interesting image for your desktop wallpaper. Whether you're making an artistic- or maybe political statement, or just want something pretty, wallpaper can fill the bill. But it does tend to just sit there. I suppose that makes sense—after all the wallpaper in your dining room just sits there, right?

If you'd like for your wallpaper to earn its keep, maybe it's time to change your wallpaper. Maybe it's time to take a look at Wallpaper Clock. As its name might lead you to believe, these selections of wallpaper also serve as a clock on your computer. Specifically, these wallpapers update the time shown once a minute, so you're always up to date, even if your system clock isn't showing. There are bunches of different designs available to choose from, so you'll probably find one that works for you.

Wallpaper Clock selections are available for free; just find one you like and download it. For full functionality, you need to also grab a clock engine application to run the show. These are available for free as well for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even iPhone. Note that the "recommended" Windows app is only a 30-day trial, but in the "Other programs…" list below it on the download page, there are other free apps to choose from.

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