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Everybody knows that movies—moving pictures—don't really move. By presenting a series of still images in rapid succession, our brain does the "tweening" to make it look to our brain like we are seeing actual movement. The same applies to TV, but without the sticky floors and stale popcorn of the movie theater. And of course, you've seen motion on your computer screen as well.

Ever since way back when, GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) image files have had the ability to display animation. Like with movies and TV, they do this by presenting a series of "frames", each one an individual static image. Run them together and it looks like you're seeing movement. Cool.

So how do you build your own animated GIF? There are lots of high-priced tools you can use for this task, or you can take advantage of the MakeAGif service. Just point your browser to their website, and you can upload your individual images—yes, you do have to draw, paint, or otherwise create those single frames—and they will automagically be transformed into a single animated GIF file, suitable for posting to your website, or for whatever other use you have in mind.

MakeAGif is a free service. You'll need a browser and a couple of pictures to use it.

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