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Diagrams make the world go round. Try to explain a process of any complexity just verbally, and often you will be met with a vacant stare, or the sound of papers being shuffled. Either way, you can be sure your point has not been made.

Dia is a free drawing tool. Aimed at folks who want to draw diagrams, it takes its inspiration from Visio, the tried-and-true flowchart, orgchart, and UML drawing application. With various floating windows and palettes/toolbars, you can rearrange your workspace to put your most important go-to tools within easy reach. Built-in symbols make it easy to put all the pieces together; add a couple of lines and arrows and you've got a new network design, or you've promoted yourself into a corner office—on paper, at least. It may not have all the spit and polish of Visio, but if your diagramming needs run to the less formal, and your wallet runs to the less full, it may be just what you're looking for.

Dia is a free download, You can grab a Windows installer, or packages for several flavors of Linux. There are reports that it can be compiled under OS X, but you're going to have to be made of strong stuff to go down that road.

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