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Some people are never satisfied. Give 'em cake and they want pie. Give 'em a bunch of files and they don't like the file names. Well, it's not so easy to convert cake to pie, but you can, with a reasonable effort, rename files.

Tweaking the name of a file or three in Finder isn't the biggest deal in the world. Once you go much beyond that number, however, the task starts to get a bit more tedious. That's where it's handy to have a dedicated file renaming tool to help you with the job.

Rename—an aptly named tool if ever there were one—is an app to rename files. You can change one file or a whole pile of them. While it's not a full-featured renaming tool—you can't do a find-and-replace type of rename, for example, it can do an adequate job of adding or removing text from the beginning or end of your filenames, including serializing them. It also lets you stuff Spotlight Tags into your files, but it appears to stick the same tag into all of them—useful if you're marking your vacation photos with "Our Trip to the Shore" or some such.

A free download, Rename is a Mac application. It's happy as a clam running under OS X Tiger (10.4).

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