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Some people tell their story best in words. They've got word processors to help them out. Other people do a better job of expressing themselves in images. For those folks. image editors are the name of the game.

MyPaint is, as you might believe from the name, a paint program. Rather than springing for a full-price tool like Photoshop, you can do much of your raster image editing with this free tool. It supports layers, which are all-important when it comes to extensive edits—you don't want to break what you've got by adding something new—and layers let you try new stuff out before it becomes "real", to say nothing of having the ability to, ummm, layer elements over one another. It includes a lot of interesting brushes, so you can make a drawing look like it came from a smudge of charcoal or a drizzle of paint, instead of a nice, new, very pointy pencil. And it's easy to move all the palettes and toolbars out of your way so that you can focus on your artistic vision rather than being cramped into the programmer's idea of how a paint program ought to act.

You can grab MyPaint for Linux and Windows.

Download MyPaint

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    Really very great program! Super nice! I like it very much!

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