Free text editor with features galore

runs on Windows
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A text editor at its base is a pretty simple application. You fire it up, open or create a file, type a bunch of text into it, save it, and put everything away. But this simplicity can be deceiving: just about everything that you see or do on your computer or on the Internet revolves around those simple text files.

ConTEXT is a text editor, just like a bunch of others out there. Sure, it edits text, but then it also adds a bunch of extra goodies that make your life a bit more manageable. Like syntax highlighting. If you write code in a text editor, you know that adding a bit of color to the text can make it a little easier to see what you're doing, and ConTEXT comes to the rescue here: it features highlighting for C/C++, Java, VB, Perl, HTML and CSS, PHP, and more. And if that's not enough, you can even add your own favorites to the list. It can handle, and convert between, DOS and Unix and Mac-style file formats. You can select text by rows or columns, which gives you great flexibility if you're grabbing tabular data. And of course it's got all the other stuff you'd expect, with search and replace (with regular expressions) across all open files, text sorting, and even a macro recorder.

A free download, ConTEXT is a Windows application.

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