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One of our favorite rants is on the importance of maintaining good backups. You can have the best website or the most significant report or the most important email in the world, but when your hard drive dies or your office is flooded or some other calamity strikes, all your good turns to you-know-what. You've got to back up your stuff early and often.

Bonkey is a free tool that helps make it easier to take are of business. It's actually got a couple of different pieces. You can automate the backup process by creating schedules for your backups and selecting what you want to back up, whether it's a file, a folder, or a whole volume. You also get to choose where your backups are going to go. Select a local drive, a network share, or remote locations accessible via FTP or SFTP. It even lets you backup into Amazon's S3 world, giving you basically unlimited capacity for storing your backups. This app also has a handy multi-paned interface that lets you drag-and-drop files between and among different locations.

The setup seems a little tricky, and even though it runs on Macs under OS X, it doesn't know anything about Resource Forks, so your Finder info and maybe more will be missing from your backed-up files if you ever have need to restore them.

Bonkey is a free download, with flavors for both Windows and Mac users.

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