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Writers write for all kinds of different purposes and audiences. Some people write novels, others write technical tomes; poetry, blogs, this list goes on. And then there's screenplays. While some folks keep writing and writing without anything ever getting picked-up, others hit the big time—remember Matt Damon?—through their writing.

If screenplays are your thing—or you'd like them to become your thing—you might want to check out Screenplay Outliner. While this tool won't write your script for you, it can help you to get your ducks in a row to do the best job you can on your own.

Instead of jotting your thoughts, ideas, or what-have-you in notebooks or scraps of paper, you can put them all in here. Scramble them up and move them around as you see fit. Add more specific information about characters, scenes, and more. And you can even export your information to text files, so you can grab it up for your word processor or other screenplay writer app.

Screenplay Outliner is a free download. You can run it on your Windows machine.

Download Screenplay Outliner

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  1. Yoonsik Park says:

    This is a trial!!!!!!! Not free software.

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