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runs on Windows
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You live and die by your laptop. Everything you think and do is on there. All your contact info is there. Music and movies? It's in there. It'd be a shame if all of a sudden your laptop wouldn't lap. Or top.

It's all about the battery. Sure, you can plug in when you need to, but that does you no good when you're off the grid, whether forty thousand feet over Kansas, or in a cab headed to that client's office. At times like this, you want to know that you can depend on your laptop's battery.

BatteryBar is a tool that can help you stay up to date on your battery's condition, and to know when to be extra careful. It keeps an eye on your battery's current charge, but it also watches it over time, learning how your battery normally behaves. Based on historical data, it can better predict exactly how much time you've got left, and when you really, really need to plug in. No more running out of gas at a critical moment.

BatteryBar Free Edition is free for the taking. It's a Windows app and should run fine under XP or later. You'll also need to have version 2.0 of the .NET Framework installed. Oh yeah, you'll need a battery as well.

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