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What's the weather going to be like today? It's an important bit of information. Do you wear cut-offs or a slicker? A polo shirt or a snow parka? You really have to know. There are lots of sources for weather information: look in the newspaper, listen to the radio, watch TV, and more. How about your computer? After all, you probably spend more time in front of it that any of these other places.

Weather websites can give you an idea of what's up, although sometimes their pages take forever to load, since they're all weighed down with ads and other foolishness that really doesn't apply to you. Or you could check out Weather Bar.

WeatherBar sits in your Windows 7 taskbar, keeping track of the weather you're interested in. A quick look at the taskbar icon will let you know whether there's sun or clouds outside. Right click on that icon and you'll get the forecast for your location. Never again will you be surprised as you exit your windowless cube to find that although it was sunny and warm when you came in this morning, it's cold and snowing when you leave this afternoon. Hope you brought a hat.

WeatherBar is a free download.

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