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Lots of folks see OS X as a "better" operating system than Windows, and of course there are those who see things exactly opposite of that. If we could all agree on what "better" means, there might be valid grounds for comparison, but until that day, it's going to be more a comparison of features that lets anyone decide which system they prefer.

In a discussion of features, it's easier to make comparisons. System Registry, Resource Forks—everybody's got a different way of looking at the world, and that world view is embodied in their systems. One thing's for sure though: Windows has a specific application uninstaller, and Mac doesn't. For many less complicated OS X programs, simply deleting the application itself gets rid of the app. With others, though, there are pieces left here and there across the whole system, with preference files and data files and all manner of other stuff out there. Delete the app and you still have all this other stuff out there taking up space.

TrashMe is a tool that can help your Mac really delete applications that you want to get rid of. It's smart enough to recognize that you just dragged an application to the Trash and to go out and find all those other bits and get rid of them at the same time. Or you can get all organized and delete apps from a list. If you're afraid of trashing stuff that you really still need, don't: you can protect the apps that came with your system, or any other programs you need to make sure stay in one piece on your machine. It even keeps a log of the stuff you've deleted, presumably allowing you to undo things if you catch them soon enough.

TrashMe is compatible with systems running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

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