Protect against kids and cats on the keyboard

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We're not exactly sure what the fascination is, but there's just something about kids (and cats) and computer keyboards. Put them in the same room, walk away, and next thing you know you're looking at a line of gibberish on your screen (best case), or your last six months worth of work has gone away (worst case by far). You can't realistically turn things off each time you go to refill your coffee cup, but you sure don't want those little two- and four-legged critters getting in there and trashing your system.

Toddler Keys may be the key to your sanity. With this tool, you can lock your keyboard, optical drive, and even power switch. To make things more entertaining for Junior, you can set this app to display pictures or play sounds when keys are pressed. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that Kitty will be impressed by this. Once you're back with a fresh cup of Joe, all you need to do is type QUIT and you'll be back in business. Surveys show that few toddlers (and virtually no cats) will type this word. Or at least they would, if such surveys were actually taken.

Free for personal use, Toddler Keys is a Windows application.

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3 Responses to “Protect against kids and cats on the keyboard”

  1. computerfreaker says:

    My free, open-source program KidSafe can do all this too, only with more fine-grained control over what is or is not blocked. In addition, KidSafe requires a password to unlock – this means it can be used to stop kids up to 10 years old from messing with the computer. KidSafe has one more advantage: you can run it from a USB drive.

    Check it out at !

  2. Sofia says:

    With three cats hovering around me all day, this program may be a godsend. If though my cats have a “kittydoor” to the outdoors, my keyboard seems to hold their fascination. Go figure!


  3. jg says:

    thanks for the pointer to the useful apps.