High Quality Photo Resizer

runs on Windows
screenshot of High Quality Photo Resizer

The name pretty much says it all. If you've got a photo and need to resize it, High Quality Photo Resizer may be your ticket home. This tool is specifically designed for batch processing of image files, so if you download the latest photos from your digital camera, it should be a snap to resize them for use on the Web or as attachments to email.

It's easy to resize images, either as a percentage or their original size, or to specific dimensions. In addition, there are a bunch of effects you can add to your pictures, adding visual interest and cleaning things up. In addition to your camera's JPGs, this app can deal with a boatload of other image formats, making it a pretty handy all-around image processing tool.

High Quality Photo Resizer is a free Windows application. It should run on anything from Win2k up through Windows 7.

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