KiTTY is a better secure shell client

runs on Windows
screenshot of KiTTY

SSH—Secure SHell—is a protocol that lets you exchange data between computers in a secure fashion. Often it's used to run command line applications remotely on another system. It's similar to the tried-and-true Telnet application, but with security.

In the past if you were on a Windows system and needed to connect securely to a Unix box—maybe your webserver—you had to install PuTTY. Alas, while it took care of business, it wasn't a native Windows app, so things didn't always go as smoothy as you might hope for. And when you're working at the shell level, a little extra smooth can be a really helpful thing. That's where KiTTY comes in.

KiTTY is a fork of the PuTTY project, but it's built specifically for the Win32 environment. With fewer moving parts, there's less to get broken. In addition, they've also added bunch of extra features, including management of multiple concurrent sessions, and even automatic sending of SSH password, something you can't do even on Unix systems.

KiTTY is a free download.

Download KiTTY

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