Put all your important stuff on a USB drive and go

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With each passing season, laptops get smaller and smaller. If the latest and greatest isn't small enough for you, you can get a netbook instead. These are even smaller. But what about taking it to the extreme: an entire computer on a USB drive? Well, you can't really get there from here, but you can get close with MojoPac.

MojoPac is a tool that lets you load your whole system—or at least your data and the apps you need to run it—onto a removable USB drive. Now when you hit the road, you can grab your report and your own copy of Word, stick them on your thumb drive, and head off to do battle with the Forces of Evil. No more having to worry about whether they've got the right version of an application where you're headed, because you're taking what you know is the right version—yours—with you.

You can load MojoPac onto any USB 2.0 removable device. It's available as a free download, and should run just dandy on your Windows XP machine.

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3 Responses to “Put all your important stuff on a USB drive and go”

  1. Not Useful says:

    According to the MojoPac website (very little info) you need to install MojoPac then INSTALL any app you want to make portable. This would require added licenses for all software plus the time and hassle of installing and customizing it to what you have on your “normal” PC. There is also a limit to the apps and software you can install by the size of the portable drive.

  2. bswarm says:

    Free, no adware alternative…..
    I suggest checking http://www.siteadvisor.com before installing any new app.

  3. Merlin says:

    MojoPac is a nice software, but not quite the promise they make for some softs… Apps that make use of the registry are not good for use from a USB stick.
    If you are into Linux, you can make an installation of the full blown OS onto a USB stick and boot from it. That way you DO have your entire PC at hand, anytime, anywhere.
    But if you want to stick with Windoze, that’s OK. You can make use of the so called portable apps. They work completely on the stick, so they can be used on any Windoze computer with little to no hassle.
    I have both, a bootable linux stick and a stick with portable apps.

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