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Nobody's got enough money; that's a given. But you can probably get more done with the money you have if you know how much you've got and where it's all coming from and going to. That's where budgeting and keeping an eye on your various accounts comes in.

Now one way to stay on top of that information is to sit at a high desk with a green eyeshade, something like what Bob Cratchit might do in a Dickens story. Or you can get a little more modern in your approach and put your computer to work for you. That's where it's handy to have a tool like HomeBank.

While you can enter transactions directly or by importing data directly from your bank, the analysis functionality of this tool is where it really shines. Slice and dice your data based on payee, purpose, time period, and more. Track your budget and see how well you are keeping on-target (hooray!) or where you may need to do a little cutting-back (boo!). It supports multiple accounts, so you really can get a complete look at what's up in your life, finance-wise.

HomeBank is a free download. Originally developed for Amiga (yes, it's been around that long), it's available for various flavors of Linux, and well as Windows and OS X (via MacPorts).

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  1. buyerbeware says:

    seems quite like home bookkeeping lite. very low learning curve and very reliable for the home user, yet versatile enough to be used for small businesses and other enterprises. fully featured and ready to go right out of the box. this one is a keeper indeed.

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