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runs on Windows
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What's worse than losing your data? How about losing your computer with your data on it? Youch!

Laptops are handy things. You can grab your whole workspace and bring it with you. Working on a big project? Bring it home and finish it there. Pretty swell, until your laptop goes missing. So let's keep that from happening.

LAlarm features a bunch of different alarms to help protect you, your computer, and the data stored on it. Along with an anti-theft alarm, it comes with several other alarms as well. If your hard drive starts acting like it's going to fail, LAlarm sounds an alarm to let you know your data may be in danger. If your battery's about to run out, there's another alarm to let you know that you really ought to save your files. It's even got a "panic button" alarm that lets you sound an alert in case you happen to get into trouble while using your system—presumably something more than marauding bands of geeks.

LAlarm is free for personal use. It runs under Windows XP and later. Business users need to purchase a license.

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