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Ah, meetings. What can rival the excitement of traveling halfway across the country to sit in a too-hot room with a cup of too-bad coffee and a too-stale doughnut listening to a too-boring presentation? Hey, if you're lucky, there may even be some useful information there too.

If that's just too much excitement for you, maybe you should check out Dabbleboard. This free online service lets you and your meeting's participants work with a virtual whiteboard without leaving the comfort and convenience of your office. While there's a paid version, a free account lets you share that all-important whiteboard with an unlimited number of participants. With everybody reading off the same page—whiteboard—it will be easy to make sure everybody understands what the next step is in your quest to conquer the world—or at least corner the market on widgets.

Dabbleboard is a free online service. You need a web browser with Flash support to use it.

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