Easily edit PDF meta data with PDF Properties Changer

runs on Windows
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Portable Document Format (PDF) files are used for everything. Whether you need to download tax forms, read user documentation, or whatever, there's probably a PDF document involved at some level. You can even create your own PDF files. Whether you buy a zillion dollar copy of Adobe Acrobat, or grab a free print-to-PDF print driver, you can put your words into PDF format and share them with the world. Along with the text and images of your document, the PDF file format has space for lots of meta data—things like title, subject, keywords, and more. And most of the time you can't do anything to create, manipulate, or delete that data. Until you get your hands on PDF Properties Changer.

With this free tool, editing that almost-hidden meta information is a simple as right-clicking on the file. Open up the Document Properties window and now you have access to all that data. Use it to store specific information about your files—what's in 'em, who wrote 'em, all of that. Use it on one file at a time, or tweak a whole bunch at the same time.

PDF Properties Changer is a free download. It's a Windows app, and runs under XP and Vista.

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