Drag and drop in two steps

runs on Mac
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Do you ever get interrupted in the middle of something? Maybe somebody walks into the room. Maybe the phone rings. Maybe you have a "senior moment" and forget what you're doing. For some things, that's okay. If you're in the middle of a drag-and-drop file operation, that's not such a good thing. Once your finger comes up off that mouse button, there's no telling where that important file has landed. Maybe you'll find it, maybe you won't. Well, yes, you'll find it, but it's going to take you ten minutes to do so, and you might have better ways to spend that time. At times like this, it might be handy to have XShelf.

This app lets you move files around your system in stages. When you use Finder to move a file from Desktop into your Documents folder, typically you need to have windows for both folders visible on your screen at the same time. With XShelf, you grab your file and drag it into the XShelf window. Later, you drag it from there into your destination folder to complete the move. At that point, the drag-and-drop is completed, as if the intermediate step had never existed. You can set it to float on screen as its own window, or you can have it grab onto an edge of your display, like the Dock, so it's always available. You can even have it auto-hide so it's not taking up space when you're not using it.

XShelf is a free Mac application. The current version requires OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later.

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4 Responses to “Drag and drop in two steps”

  1. Claude Lestelle says:

    Why make me read the whole description before I find out it’s a MAC-only app?

  2. bryan says:


  3. Austin says:

    that is why there is a “X” icon at the top right….

  4. joebanana says:

    Really !