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Where did I leave that file? In Windows Explorer, it's pretty easy to travel up and down the directory structure of your hard drive to get you to a particular file. But if you need to describe where that file is, it's a little bit trickier. Maybe you need to stick that path into a document you're working on. Or maybe you're at a command prompt and you need to pass a path-and-filename as an argument to a batch file. Not so easy now.

PathToClipboard is a tool that lets you capture the path of a file—or multiple files—to your clipboard. Once it's in there, it's a snap to paste it into your Word DOC, your DOS box, or wherever else you need that file information. You get to choose which piece you're interested in, since you can choose to grab just the file name, the directory path, or the whole shebang. What would you expect to pay for this, and are there any free steak knives?

PathToClipboard is a free Windows app. It runs under Windows 2000 and later, and requires version 2.0 of the .NET Framework. Sorry, no steak knives.

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One Response to “Save the path to your file to the clipboard”

  1. Alceste says:

    Shift Right Click does offer copy path as an option, and it does exactly the same, out of the box. At least in Windows 7.