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How many different fonts do you suppose there are out there? Your system comes with a bunch. Many of your applications add more to the mix. You can find third-party after-market fonts all over the place, some even for free. But what if, even with all these choices, you still don't find the font you're really looking for? Maybe it's time to make your own.

FontStruct is a website with a purpose: they let you design and build your own fonts. It's not really as complicated as you might think. Their online tool is easy to use, and they've got a demo to show you how it's done. Once you're finished you can download your handiwork, or share it with the world if you like. You can also browse the creations of others.

You need to create an account and log in to use this free service. And of course, you'll need a web browser to access the site.

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