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Passwords are only as good as their strength. You know the drill: no dictionary words; longer is better; mix 'em up with alphabetic characters (upper- and lower case), numbers, symbols; use different passwords in different places; and all that. With so much hanging on the strength of those passwords, it's not something to play around with.

Remembering all those passwords can be a challenge, so there are lots of "password locker" tools out there that help keep track of them for you. What there doesn't seem to be as many of are apps that help you create those super-duper extra secure passwords.

Infinite Password Generator can give you a hand with this important task. You supply a master password and a keyword for each password you want to generate, and this tool will employ an MD5 algorithm to generate a password that will be next to impossible to hack, yet if you happen to lose of forget it, you can re-generate that password based on the keyword. No more having to fear that if your password list goes away that all will be lost.

A free download, Infinite Password Generator is a Windows application.

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