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Microsoft is pretty much the leader in workplace productivity software with Microsoft Office. The other matter not in dispute: the hefty price tag. Sure, it does everything you want (and probably tons of stuff you'll never want to do), but it'll set you back several bills to own your very own copy. And where we come from, there are always more "bills" than bills, if you catch my drift.

SoftMaker Office is a low cost alternative. As in free. It combines a high-powered word processor app with a spreadsheet tool that's second to none. Both of these programs are compatible with their Microsoft analogues (up through Office 2007), so you shouldn't have any problems reading or writing to DOC and XLS files, and then sharing them with your colleagues.

So how do they do it? This is the 2006 version of this application suite. Their current release—not for free—carries a 2010 date (and is also available for Linux, as well as Windows). Their intention is to get you so excited with the downrev version that you'll be willing to spring for all the latest bells and whistles, although they emphasize that there's absolutely no requirement that you do so.

As we mentioned, SoftMaker Office is a free download and should run under recent versions of Windows.

Download SoftMaker Office

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  1. Chris says:

    or for even better results there is which is compatible with mac/lin/win/and dozens of other platforms and has fully compatible office integration (thought admittedly not the default option.

  2. Carl says:

    Their 2006 product can read Office 2007 files? Sounds rather hard to believe…

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