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There are two types of image files that are commonly used by computers. First are those that record on a pixel-by-pixel basis what will appear at each location in an image, often referred to as bitmap or raster graphics. The second is one that rather than a list of dots and colors actually contains instructions to the software you use to view it as to how that application should render the image, all expressed as a series of lines, curves, and other mathematicaly-expresssed information. The advantage to this second, "vector", style of graphics is that they scale well. With a bitmap, if you increase- or decrease the size of the image, you can end up with a fuzzy or pixelated image, whereas with vector images, they'll always look right.

No matter which type of image you're interested in, there's a high-priced tool you can use to manipulate those images, whether it be Photoshop for the former, or Illustrator for the latter. DrawBerry tries to horn-in on the game that Illustrator plays, but with the added advantage of a greatly reduced price tag. This tool has a full complement of tools including magnifying glass for precise placement, and it supports layers as well as CoreImage filters.

DrawBerry is a free application for Mac systems. It runs under OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and later.

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