Measure objects and distances with on-screen ruler

runs on Windows
screenshot of JR Screen Ruler

How far is it from here to there? In the real world, you'd answer this question with a ruler or yardstick. But what about on your computer display? How far is far? It kind of depends on the screen resolution and all that. You're probably going to have better luck measuring pixels than you are looking at inches or centimeters.

JR Screen Ruler is a tool that can help you check out sizes of objects and distances between objects on your screen. It defaults to pixels (although it can display other units as well), and can easily be dragged around the screen to position it. A quick click will rotate it from horizontal to vertical orientation, and a slide control lets you tweak the length of your on-screen ruler. You can also play with color, transparency, and more, so that the tool will be most helpful to you.

A free download, JR Screen Ruler is a Windows Application. It should be right at home on any Win32 platform, from Windows 95 on up.

Download JR Screen Ruler

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  1. Bradlee LaDaugheg says:

    This is one of those handy little tools you need once in a blue moon – but if you need it – you need it. Very nice.

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