Unblur your photos with Unshake

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Have you ever taken a bad photo? We're not talking about pictures of questionable taste here; rather, those photos where you really can't tell what it's a picture of. There's the ever-popular demonic red eye shot that you can fix with Photoshop or GIMP, but what about those images you snapped just as you sneezed, or when the yellow-bellied sapsucker you were zeroing in on decided to fly off? That's not such an easy fix.

Unshake is a tool that can help you salvage those photos. While your results may vary, if you fiddle with it enough, you may get something useful out the other end. There's not tons of documentation, so you'll need to play with it a while to see which settings do what. And of course, it's never a bad idea to work on a copy rather than the only version of the image in question.

Unshake is a Java app, so you should be able to run it on any Linux, Mac, or Windows machine that has the appropriate Java runtime installed. It's free for personal use.

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