Minimize almost any application to the System Tray

runs on Windows
screenshot of RBTray

Gone but not forgotten. That seems to be the idea behind Windows' System Tray—little icons for apps that are running and available, but that you don't need cluttering up the landscape for you. The only problem is that not every app allows itself to be downsized to the Tray. For those apps, aftermarket tools like RBTray may be the answer.

RBTray will take just about any Windows app and let you squirrel it away in the System Tray. It performs this feat of magic by creating a new clickable area on a corner of the Minimize button in the Title Bar of your windows. Click here and your great big window will instantly transform into a little bitty icon. In addition to its main functionality, it also adds the ability to set a window to "always on top". Whee!

RBTray is a Windows application. You should be able to run it under XP and Vista.

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