Don't delete your files, Camouflage them

runs on Mac
screenshot of Camouflage

Does your desktop look like a bomb just went off: coffee cups, phones, piles of paper everywhere. What about your Desktop—the desktop on your computer? Files and folders scattered everywhere, downloads, and of course all that important stuff you don't want to lose track of. Thing is, though, now that it's buried with everything else you can't find it anywhere. You could clean house, but then what are you going to do with all that stuff.

Maybe the thing to do is to camouflage it, with Camouflage. This app takes everything and hides it for you, leaving only your Desktop wallpaper. Clicking on it will bring up a Finder window, so you know your stuff hasn't all really gone away, but at least you're not tripping over it constantly now. And if you've got so much mess that it spans several monitors, you can clean them all up at once, since Camouflage hides all that other junk as well.

Camouflage is a free download for your Mac.

Download Camouflage

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