Where did my hard drive space go?

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Where did all my hard drive space go? You know the drill: you just bought the latest, greatest machine with a fast processor, tons of memory, and a hard drive as big as all outdoors, and now you're starting to run out of space. How did that happen? Dunno, but you do know it's time to do something about it. So what is taking up all that space? You could spend time digging through directories trying to make sense of it all, or you could take advantage of GetFoldersize.

With this free tool, you can look at your drive and figure out where all the stuff is that's making your great big drive act like it's a teeny, tiny drive. With its three-pane interface, it's easy to pick a drive, focus on a directory, and grab individual files. Sort by directory size, by number of files or folders they contain, or even by percentages. Use it on local drives, network drives, and more.

You can grab GetFoldersize with an installer or as a standalone (for your USB drive) for free. It should run on any Windows system from Win2k up through Windows 7.

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  1. Chris says:

    The interface for that looks very cluttered. How about TreeSize Free?:


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