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runs on Windows
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We've talked before about the virtues of the text editor. With the ability to write and read unformatted text, this is the perfect application for writing code or doing other stuff where the text is the thing, and any formatting is just junk that gets in the way. Unfortunately, opening really big text files is something that has always taken a long time. Once you get into the "huge" range—files upwards of a gigabyte in size, you might as well pack a lunch and plan to make a day of it. Well, relief is on the way, Bunkey, in the form of an program aptly named Large Text File Viewer.

This tool is specially designed to handle these types of big files. Through some fancy programming sleight-of-hand, this app opens those really big files really fast. And with a file that big, you don't want to just be able to open it; you need to be able to find stuff in it as well. So it's got a powerful search facility built into it. You can search on plain old text, or it supports regular expressions, letting you get much more precise in detailing exactly what you're looking for. And its window lets you split the display, so you can be in two places (in the file) at the same time.

Large Text File Viewer is a Windows app. You can download it for free and use it on your Windows NT or later system.

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