Mount remote storage as a local drive

runs on Windows
screenshot of NetDrive

If you're a truly connected geek, then you've no doubt got data scattered all over the world. The stuff on your local drive is easy to access. Getting at your removable media is a cinch. Network volumes are just a couple of clicks away. But what about the world beyond that? If you rely on FTP apps and such to access remote storage, your process doesn't go nearly as smoothly. It would be nice to integrate that kind of across the street and around the world data into your environment.

NetDrive lets you connect to, and work with, remote drives as if they were sitting right on your desktop. Once you connect, you can list directories, run apps, and do all the stuff that you normally do with Windows Explorer. No more pesky file upload apps are necessary, since you can drag and drop directly. You can even configure it to load when you start Windows, making it just about as seamless as possible.

A Windows application, NetDrive is free for home use. It should run on any reasonably configured system under Windows 2000 or later.

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