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There sure seem to be a lot of home improvement shows on the television machine lately. They cover everything from redecorating a room to adding a second story, and more. Unless you're a contractor yourself, you'd probably be advised to retain the services of professionals in the various building trades before you attempt anything too complicated. But what about the early stages, where you try to decide if this is something you really want to look into more deeply? You don't want to go out and hire some high-powered architect to just play "what if" games on a pad of paper.

Roomle is an online service that lets you design a room, flat, or palatial estate in the privacy of your own home. With its easy-to-use interface, in no time you'll draw your space (or upload an existing drawing), add furniture, and more. It's got plenty of prefab do-dads so you can add windows, doors, and furniture with little pain. Examine your handiwork in good-old 2-D, or render it all in glorious 3-D (funny glasses not required), to get an idea of whether your idea is a candidate for reality, or if it might be better to relegate it to the "it seemed good at the time" pile.

While you can create your designs without signing up, you won't be able to save your handiwork without creating a free account. All you'll need to use Roomle is a web browser and an idea.

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