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runs on Windows
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Ah, regret. We all suffer from it from time to time. Maybe it's the relationship we cut off too soon, or the snotty remark we made at work (maybe to the boss, hopefully not). Or maybe its the files that we deleted, only to think that maybe we'd like to have them back. Well, we can't help you with your interpersonal issues, but maybe we can suggest some help for your files' MIA problem.

RecycleBinEx is a tool that lets you manage your Windows Recycle Bin. Now you can sort your trashed files not only by name, but also by delete time, disk they used to live on, and more. You can also create rules that let you delete permanently stuff that you deleted a day or a week or a month ago automatically. Along with the usual pretty GUI mode, it's also got a command line mode that lets you script actions so you don't even have to get in there and dirty your hands. It's one thing to take out the trash; it's another when the trash takes itself out. Next: the self-cleaning catbox.

This Windows application is compatible with systems running at least XP and later. And if you happen to have multiple versions of Windows installed, you can deal with each Recycle Bin at once—no need to reboot just to fiddle with deleted files.

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