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Networks come in all sizes and shapes. It may be a simple file sharing convenience on your desktop between your main system and your laptop, or it may be an enterprise-wide behemoth covering half the planet. No matter which extreme you're closer to, you know that with networks come complications. You've got machines, connections, protocols, applications, data, and a zillion other considerations to keep track of, and even if you're making a conscious effort to stay on top of things, there's more than a break-even chance that you're going to fall behind.

Open-AudIT is a tool that you might be able to use to stay in control. You can enter information about your network into it manually, but it can also reach out and touch your machines (Windows and Linux) and collect information about your network automatically. The best thing about automatic, or course, is that you can't "forget" or get too busy to do what needs to be done. Schedule regular scans and you stay on top of things—and you may learn about other things happening on your network, like installation of unapproved software or unauthorized machines joining in.

You can run Open-AudIT on Windows and Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu) systems. If you go the server route, you'll also need Apache or IIS and a MySQL install.

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