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One of our go-to tools is Excel (or its generic equivalents). Oddly enough, this isn't always just for number crunching. While its native habitat seems to be analyzing the life out of a pile of numbers, the rows-and-columns thing is really well suited to dealing with all kinds of data as well. Remember that in databases, they often call the records and fields "rows" and "columns" for a reason: this format makes it easy to look at a lot of data at once.

While you may be able to justify the cost—in dollars for Excel, or size for Brand X—sometimes you don't need all that power for a little simple data management. That new red Ferrari may be awesome, but it's overkill to use it to bop down to the corner 7 Eleven for a snack.

ListSquared is a spreadsheet-like tool that's designed for simple list creation and management. There's no calculations involved, just a neat tabular way to keep track of stuff. It supports find and replace, copy and paste, and all that. Create your own lists with this tool, or import delimited text files created with other apps. You can save your data to HTML, CSV, and tab-separated text files.

You can use ListSquared on your Windows system. While it may not function correctly under Windows 95, it should be right at home on most any other Win32 platform.

Download ListSquared

3 Responses to “Quickie list management with ListSquared”

  1. Chica says:

    This tool will fit nicely on my desktop for the quick .csv files I manipulate every day. I only use one or two features in excel to accomplish my tasks – I will check this out to see if it fits the bill!


  2. Robert says:

    all I wanted to do was to down load list squared, so when I l=click on the download, I get sent to bitrite, which is a dead end

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