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The ability of take a screenshot is important to just about anyone who does serious work on a computer. Whether you're a blogger who wants to quote (visually) an image or another site you've visited, or a software designer who needs to document some tweak you've made in the UI of your latest creation, it's important to be able to grab that image. Most systems have the built-in ability to do this kind of thing, but as is often the case, the out-of-the-box solution is pretty weak and doesn't really cover all your image-capturing needs. Enter the third-party after-market solution.

One way that solution may look is a lot like Greenshot. This tool lets you grab an individual program window or a whole-screen image, like just about everybody else, but then it adds some extra functionality. You can also capture part of a screen, for example, by marking the bounds of what you want to grab and then snapping that region. In addition, you can go in to your newly-selected image and make edits, annotations, and more. Insert rectangles or ellipses, or even a textbox. Now instead of having to choose between just text or just picture (it's worth a thousand words, you know), you can have both.

Greenshot is a Windows application. It comes both with- and without an installer, presumably allowing you to install it easily on your system or to a removable drive.

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  1. Catherine says:

    This sounds good. I’ve been using MWSnap for years and I love it- it even has a cute little camera icon. You can select the area to snap, zoom, auto-save or -print, rotate, frame, add cursor…

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