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PDFs are everywhere, and there seems to be no end of tools out there to read PDF files (Adobe Reader and a wealth of free and open source apps) or even to create them. There do seem to be a somewhat smaller number of tools to manipulate those PDF files. Say you've got a great big PDF that you need to break up into more easily digested chunks. Or maybe you've got a pile of smaller documents that it would make sense to combine. Scissors and tape may be a solution for real-world documents, but they don't work so well for electronic files.

I Love PDF is a free service that lets you merge and split PDF files. Choose to break a PDF up into smaller pieces, or to grab just selected pages and extract them. Or take up to 10 individual PDFs and combine them into one. In either case, this service supports PDF files up to 8 MB in size (split one 8 meg file or combine several 8 meg files), so you've got a fair amount of room to work with.

All you need to use I Love PDF is a web browser with Flash installed and JavaScript turned on. And a pile of PDFs you want to work with.

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2 Responses to “I Love PDF”

  1. Catherine says:

    Great- thanks! Just what I needed!

  2. Catherine says:

    Works well. If you want to split pages separately, you have to list separate ranges, e.g. page1-1, page 2-2 etc. This is an online service so you have to upload and download files rather than having it on your computer.

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