High-powered file-renaming machine

runs on Windows
screenshot of Ant Renamer

There's no two ways about it: renaming files can be a pain in the neck. By extension, renaming a bunch of files is a BIG pain in the neck. There are several tools out there that can help make the process bit easier, but in our experience most of them remove some but not all of the aforementioned pain.

Ant Renamer seems to have several features not shared by all the available tools, several of which may actually be useful. For example, it can access MP3 ID Tags from your audio files, meaning that you can end up with file names that add actual information to your files. It can also pull EXIF data from image files, making those filenames smarter as well. In addition, you can use regular expressions in choosing and naming files, allowing you almost unlimited power in your renaming schemes. It's available in nearly a dozen different languages, and supports Unicode characters, so you aren't restricted to only Latin alphabets.

A free download, Ant Renamer is a Windows application. It doesn't run under Windows 95, but should be okay with just about every other flavor.

Download Ant Renamer

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