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Like it or hate it, Twitter's here to stay. The ubiquitous microblogging platform has everybody tweeting "what's happening?" While reaching out and touching folks may be handy, sometimes there's a limited number of people you want to interact with. Like maybe only your coworkers or your clients, and not everybody and their cousin. In that case, Twitter may not be for you. is a microblogging service that lets you post updates and for others to follow you, but it's private, meaning that only the people you let in have access to you. Create groups for projects, departments, or whatever strikes your fancy. You can even use it to share documents with others. And like Twitter, you can access it via your computer, as well as your smart phone, or virtually any other device that can access the 'Net. is a free service. If you decide you need a more robust version that you can host on your own metal, they'll be happy to sell you an enterprise license for your organization.


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