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runs on Windows
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Everybody knows there's not enough hours in the day. That means you have the choice of moving somewhere with a longer day (the moon takes about a month to turn on its axis, but it's hard to get a Wi-Fi signal), or better organizing your time here on good old Mother Earth. We choose the latter.

ToDoList is an aptly-name tool to help you keep track of what you need to, umm, do. Like any good time management system, you can enter tasks, prioritize them, assign them to various people, track progress, and all that. ToDoList also lets you divide your tasks into sub-tasks ad infinitum, so you can specify more particularly the who and what for those smaller chunks of work, while maintaining the "big picture" overview. Your data is stored in XML, so you'll never lose control of your information, as well as being able to easily manipulate it outside of the program for reporting, etc.

You can grab your copy of ToDoList for free. It's a Windows application.

Download ToDoList

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