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When is text not text? When it's got a bunch of extraneous formatting and "stuff" mixed in with it. Sometimes that's great, but if you're writing code, or want to manipulate the text yourself, often you have to "fix" all the stuff that's there in order to then put your own stamp on it.

One way to help take care of this type of problem is with CleanHaven. This tool is designed specifically to help clean up text. Choose to change the case of words (ALL CAPS, all lower case, Title Case), sort lines in ascending or descending order, remove duplicate lines, strip out extra newline characters, and more. Sure, you could do all this stuff yourself, but why not put your computer to work for you? It's easy to paste your source into the window, press the button, and then examine your result. If you like it, you can go from there, but if not, you've still got your original. And you can run the text through multiple times, so that you can alphabetize it, and then remove all the resulting blanks lines.

CleanHaven is a free download. There are versions for Linux, Mac, and Windows systems.

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