Clean duplicate files from your drives

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Did you buy three copies of today's newspaper? How about a couple copies of the latest DVD or Blu-ray release? Probably not. But can you say the same thing for your computer? No, it doesn't have a credit card, so it's not off buying stuff on its own, but we'll bet you've got multiple copies of several different files and documents on your system. At very least, that's making things messy; at worst, you're taking up space that doesn't need to be taken up with all those duplicate files.

Duplicate Cleaner is a tool that can help you keep things tidy on your hard drive. Point it in a particular direction, or let it run loose on your whole hard drive, or even networked drives. It's smart enough to look not only for duplicate file names, but duplicate content as well. Once it's found doubles, you can have it spit out a list, move them to a specific location, or delete them to the Recycle Bin. On NTFS systems, you can even convert duplicates to links, so you'll maintain your directory organization without having to hold all the redundant data.

A free download, Duplicate Cleaner is a Windows application. You should be able to run it on systems under Windows 2000 or later.

Download Duplicate Cleaner

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