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One of the first things they teach you in Meetings 101 (after the part about having food available) is to write things down. For everybody in the group to get the most out of what you've written, it's best to put it out there for everybody to see. Generally this means using a big flip chart on an easel, a chalkboard, or the go-to solution: the whiteboard. It's easy to add, tweak, and highlight everyone's contributions, and it's easy for everybody to be on the same page when everybody's on the same page.

Writeboard is a way you can use a whiteboard when you're not all in the same room. Along with plain old text, there are options for some formatting— bold and italics, numbered- and bulleted lists, headers, and even hyperlinks—to help make your point. Others can edit your page or add comments, so everybody's going to be heard. As you make changes, earlier versions are saved, so you can go back and walk through the process when you try to figure out how we got from the beginning to here. Writeboards are password protected, although you probably shouldn't put your super secret formula on there, since there is really no guarantee that your information is going to remain private.

Writeboard is a free online service. All you need to use it is a modern web browser and an email address.

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