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Even though it may be most efficient to have one copy of everything, sometimes it's easier to manage things if you have strategically positioned duplicates. Suppose you're at the office working on a big project. when you go home, it might be handy to be able to continue working on it. Your work network may be set up in such a way that you can't tunnel in to get back to your desktop machine. Here's a situation where it may be best just to load all your files onto your laptop and carry them home with you. But when you come back the next morning, now you've got a different version on your laptop (i.e. your edits from last night) than the version on your desktop machine. You need to synchronize those two versions so that they're identical.

Toucan is a tool that lets you sync up different versions of your files. This may as simple as copying one set of files to a new location (like when you loaded your laptop), or as complicated as merging two different versions together, like when you work on your desktop version before syncing up with the at-home version, so now you've got two different versions of your work, neither one of which is identical to what you started with. This tool also allows you to make straight-up backups of your work (stored to industry standard Zip files), as well as high powered encryption for your sensitive files.

You can grab Toucan for free. It's a Windows app and should run on systems with Windows 2000 and later.

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