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runs on Windows
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If you've got a laptop and actually bring it with you, you know about the challenges of hooking up to different networks at different times. Tweaking your network settings in Windows is not the most user-friendly thing you're going to do today, since there are several different tweaks you must apply, as well as having to reboot your machine to make those changes all go into effect. While it may be a necessary pain in the neck, it is a pain nevertheless.

Free IP Switcher might make your day a little better. Its tabbed interface lets you enter and save configuration information for home, office, school, or any other location you frequent. Choose a fixed IP or let an address be assigned to you via the magic of DHCP. Pick a gateway and DNS settings for each location. You can even set up different computer names and membership in different groups for each location. Configure it to auto-start with Windows and now you don't have to cringe when it's time to plug in to a different network.

You can download Free IP Switcher for, um, free. It runs under Windows (Win2k and later).

Download Free IP Switcher

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