RSS tool sits in Mac Menu Bar

runs on Mac
screenshot of RSS Menu

In this day of information overload, subscribing to RSS feeds is a way to stay current on what's what without being totally buried in information. Getting these little snippets of info lets us decide which stories to dig more deeply into.

RSS Menu is an app that sits in your Mac's menu bar (hence the name) and helps keep an eye on your favorite RSS and Atom feeds. It runs in the background, so it stays out of your way, yet is always available. And since it's just a menu—there is no application window to look at—it's not going to take up your valuable screen real estate. It can let you know when new stuff arrives, either visually or by speaking to you. Sort and rearrange your feeds so that you can find what you're looking for. And with integration with iTunes and Safari, this could easily become the center of your connection with the world.

A Mac application, RSS Menu runs under OS X (10.4).

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